My house is your house


Once upon a time ... a house in the middle of the forest.

This is how dozens of fables and children's stories begin. We find haunted houses, witch houses, houses where the wolf makes his ...

They are usually mysterious, dangerous houses ...

This is a tradition that has its reasoning in the past, when the forest was, indeed, a dangerous place it was necessary to separate the children. But, what is the post-COVID-19 era forest like? Or better, how do we want it to be? What if we had to confine ourselves to the mountain?

With this proposal we contribute our vision of what it would mean to confine oneself to the mountains with some very special protagonists: kids.

For us, the mountain, the forest, is an open element that accepts and embraces us. That is why we want to bring it closer to children, dissociating it from this dark component that has traditionally been transmitted. And we do it with a sensory artistic installation based on open and accessible colored houses that invite the little ones to play inside magical huts in nature. Structures with a translucent roof, which take advantage of the light of the sun's rays to create a magical, poetic and unique atmosphere.

And, precisely with this intention of bringing the forest closer to all children, we have designed an installation designed for all children and also for autistic children, paying attention to different sensitivities and adapting the details to the needs of people suffering from Disorder of the Autism Spectrum.

collaboration with Autea Andorra and Mammaproof Barcelona

photos: Miquel Merce Architect

A house in the middle of the forest full of light, color and magic. 💫

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