Playground by the Comú of Encamp


We open the game to everyone!

A playground for all ages. A game proposal that goes beyond a few swings and a slide. An intergenerational meeting place where creativity, nature and the senses take center stage.

The new playground of the Common of Encamp arises from the desire to create a leisure space for kids, but not exclusively for kids. We want to promote the creation of a meeting place for the entire population, where play and fun are very present.

We created three play areas aimed at children up to 6 years old, a second range from 3 to 12 years old and a third more intergenerational and with inclusive play elements. In all spaces we seek to promote the development of the child, fulfilling at least three of the basic functions of the game: experiment, move, create.

We approach the game not as a way to entertain ourselves, but as an end in itself. Play is the element around which the child's growth is articulated from self-confidence and understanding with others. The game as a link to establish links with the adult, as a meeting point that does not understand ages or conditions. The game in short as a way to investigate, create and connect.

In defining the space, we take into account its environment, an environment of nature and mountains that we reinforce through elements that create a relationship: silhouettes of hidden animals, organic forms and the presence of green and water.

In a context of safety for the child, we propose the park as a free space where the boy and the girl can become protagonists of their leisure time. A place where the stimulation of the game is done through playful elements, but also through contact with nature and interaction with the community.

collaboration with Miquel Merce Architect

photos with dron: Terranova Productions

photos: Miquel Merce Architect

A park synonymous with sliding, swinging, climbing and jumping. Of running and rolling. To meet and connect.